Vec3D Struct Reference

Vector in 3D, scope: Global3D, Domain3D. More...

#include <aigrid.h>

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Public Member Functions

 Vec3D (double x, double y, double z)
 constructor by x, y and z
void operator= (const Vec3D &vec3D)
 assignment e.g. vec1 = vec2
double operator * (const Vec3D &vec3D) const
 arithmetic scalar product, e.g. val = vec1 * vec2
const Vec3Doperator * (double val) const
 arithmetic vector multiplication, e.g. vec1 = val * vec2 (also working: vec1 = vec2 * val; )
const Vec3Doperator+ (const Vec3D &vec3D) const
 arithmetic addition, e.g. vec1 = vec2 + vec3
const Vec3Doperator- (const Vec3D &vec3D) const
 arithmetic subtraction, e.g. vec1 = vec2 - vec3

Detailed Description

Vector in 3D, scope: Global3D, Domain3D.

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