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Disposition by hyperbolical functions. More...

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Public Member Functions

 DispoHypParam (int iMax, double A, double B, double linSt, double linEn, double linCen)

Protected Attributes

int m_iMax
 number of cells
double m_A
 hyperbolical start
double m_B
 hyperbolical end
double m_linSt
 linear distribution at start
double m_linEn
 linear distribution at end
double m_linCen
 linear distribution at position of maximum derivative

Detailed Description

Disposition by hyperbolical functions.

The distribution of points along a definition line is managed by hyperbolic tangent functions.


First the section between AiDispoHypParam::m_A(-1.6) and AiDispoHypParam::m_B(2.0) will be taken from the hyperbolic tangent function (picture hyperbolic tangent), then this section will be made nondimensional along the abscissa (picture dimensionless in abscissa).


Then at the beginning AiDispoHypParam::m_linSt(0.1), at the end AiDispoHypParam::m_linEn(0.15) and at the position of maximum derivative AiDispoHypParam::m_linCen(0.2) a linear section of claimed length will be inserted. Afterwards the abscissa and the ordinate will be made dimensionless as well. Find the result in picture with linear regions, and the corresponding derivative in picture derivative.


Applied on a Bezier-PointChain:
AiPointChain2D BezTemplate : AiPointChain2D(AI_Bez3,DHP,Vec2D(0,0),Vec2D(0.5,0.2),Vec2D(1,0))
will result in

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

DispoHypParam::DispoHypParam int  iMax,
double  A,
double  B,
double  linSt,
double  linEn,
double  linCen


Member Data Documentation

int DispoHypParam::m_iMax [protected]

number of cells

double DispoHypParam::m_A [protected]

hyperbolical start

double DispoHypParam::m_B [protected]

hyperbolical end

double DispoHypParam::m_linSt [protected]

linear distribution at start

double DispoHypParam::m_linEn [protected]

linear distribution at end

double DispoHypParam::m_linCen [protected]

linear distribution at position of maximum derivative

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